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For you

BDP has a range of services available. We pride ourselves on being an open and inclusive service so have designed a range of support options for your specific needs.

Get in touch

Reaching out is the first step in addressing your relationship with drugs and alcohol and oftentimes it can be the hardest one to take. That being said the best way to get the correct support for you is to get in contact and speak with one of our expert team of staff. There are loads of ways of speaking to someone here at BDP whether you want to email, talk on the phone or see someone in person. Follow the link to see all of the ways you can get in contact.

For Someone else

Support isn’t just available for a person who is using drugs and alcohol. If you have been affected by another person’s drug or alcohol use or you are worried about someone’s use, please get in touch.

Useful Information


If you know someone who uses opioids, you are eligible for a free Naloxone kit and training. Naloxone is an emergency medication that can temporarily reverse the physical effects of an opioid overdose allowing time for emergency services to arrive.

Drugs Information

Find out more information about specific drugs.

Worried about a young persons drink or drug use?

Knowing a young person who may be having issues with their drink or drug use can be especially hard. We recommend getting in touch so we can talk you through the best ways to support them.

Creative Support Groups

Our Creative Communities are bringing adults together through creativity to help support their recovery. At BDP we run weekl…

Bristol Recovery Orchestra Create original acoustic pieces guided by the team during our open and friendly sessions. Dust of…

Stepladder Drama Group Stepladder is a safe space to play, learn new skills and create with others. Build upon your confiden…

For Professionals

Looking to access support for someone you are working with. Find out how to refer someone into BDP services here.