What are you looking to do?

Take Control

Advice and information about the effects and risks of alcohol and drugs. Find out how you can take control by reducing the harm they cause you.

Make Changes

Whether you're thinking about cutting down or quitting, find out how we can support you to make those changes.

Build Recovery

Find out how to build your recovery, whether you are looking for ways to boost your confidence or for opportunities to build upon your skills.

  • 1745
    Monthly average number of visits to our Central Walk-in centre.
  • 2093
    Monthly average number of engagements for free advice, support and resources.
  • 4152
    Annual number of individuals who engaged with our services in 2017.

Latest Events & News

  • Behind the Scenes | Safer Injecting

    Find out how we are helping to reduce harm to injecting drug users by promoting safer injecting advice and resources in our Needle Exchanges. For professionals and students to find out more about our work and the shape of drugs in Bristol. Read more

  • Sex Workers Healthcare | A Review

    As 'Promote' draws to a close we will be discussing some of the findings and narrative of the project. Featuring the Bristol Sex Worker Collective. Read more

  • A Volunteer's View | Cherise

    As we countdown to the volunteer application deadline we're asking our current volunteers to share their experiences at BDP. Read more

  • Designing a Better Tomorrow

    BDP attends the Design Council masterclass to help tackle public health challenges including MRSA among people injecting drugs in Bristol. Read more

  • Remembering Lives Lost to Alcohol & Drugs

    Bristol event celebrates and remembers the lives of family and friends we have lost to alcohol and other drugs. Read more