What are you looking to do?

Take Control

Advice and information about the effects and risks of alcohol and drugs. Find out how you can take control by reducing the harm they cause you.

Make Changes

Whether you're thinking about cutting down or quitting, find out how we can support you to make those changes.

Build Recovery

Find out how to build your recovery, whether you are looking for ways to boost your confidence or for opportunities to build upon your skills.

  • 1745
    Monthly average number of visits to our Central Walk-in centre.
  • 2093
    Monthly average number of engagements for free advice, support and resources.
  • 4328
    Annual number of individuals who engaged with our services in 2016.

Latest Events & News

  • Visitors Morning

    Join us for an introductory session aimed at professionals and students who would like to find out more about the work we do. Read more

  • Recovery Choir

    Come together to make friends and be uplifted by the power of song. Read more

  • Volunteer Drop-In

    Find out what volunteering opportunities there are available in your area. Read more