Children and Young People

BDP can support children and young affected by their own drug and alcohol use or that of somebody around them.

BDP Youth work

The BDP Youth Work team provide free and confidential support around alcohol and drugs for children and young people aged 11 – 19 years old (Up to 25 years old for individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities) throughout Bristol.

We offer 1-to-1 sessions for young people who use alcohol or other drugs. During a session, they will meet a BDP Youth Worker who will support them around their alcohol or drug use by focusing on their individual risks. Sessions can continue up to 12 weeks on a case by case basis.

We also offer group workshops. This could be where a group of young people are identified as being vulnerable to the effects of alcohol or drugs, or involved with related risk-taking behaviour e.g. less healthy relationships or anti-social behaviour.

Cannabis Support – New Leaf

New Leaf is a new project within our existing BDP Youth Team and aims to provide targeted support for young people aged 11-19 who are adversely affected by cannabis. New Leaf will work with a young person for up to 6 months through 1-to-1 sessions and group work. 

We hope to help young people by reducing dependency through offering alternative ways of thinking, building positive peer relationships and building motivation for diversionary activities. This project provides support for young people using cannabis who are most at risk from Child Criminal Exploitation, Child Sexual Exploitation, Anti-Social Behaviour and Serious Youth Violence, including knife crime.

To contact New Leaf please email

Youth Groups

Our Family Team run a free and confidential youth group for children and young people who are living with a family member who uses alcohol or drugs.

Our youth group is an opportunity to get out for the evening and have some fun with other young people. We have groups for 5 – 10 year olds and for 11 – 16 year olds, covering the whole of Bristol. We have dinner together and do activities including arts and crafts, outdoor play, cooking and 1-to-1 time if a young person wants to take some time out.

All groups are held for two hours one week-day evening a week, twice a month for 5 – 10 year olds and monthly for 11 – 16 year olds. Transport is arranged to get the young person there and take them home again, either by car or minibus.

To find out more, please contact our Family Team on the number below.

Call 0117 987 6009

Family Support

If you are a parent or carer, we have a range of support available for your child who may be being affected by your alcohol or drug use.

For professionals working within Family in Focus (formerly Early Help), a Bristol Children’s Centre or Children and Family Services we can provide information, advice and guidance, as well as training to professionals about substance use and families.  You can contact our Family Team on 0117 987 6009.

Accessing Support 

The BDP Youth Team can be accessed through schools, colleges, training academies, alternative learning provisions and other youth services across Bristol. We can also work flexibly and meet young people in alternative community settings. If they attend college or school outside of Bristol or have left education, we can meet them in different venues.

Please find a selection of the places we offer support in our Youth Work Map below.

Make a referral 

If you are a professional who wants to refer a young person, you can fill out a referral form found on our lead partner service, Creative Youth Network’s website. You will see the option for help for a young person using drugs or alcohol or if affected by someone else use towards the end of the form.

For more information, or if you are a parent or carer, please contact our team on 0117 987 6008.