We believe that everyone has the power to detox successfully. Find out about how we can support you to detox from alcohol and opiate drugs.Read more

1-to-1 support

Your time to talk. Find out about our confidential 1-to-1 support offered to support you around reducing, controlling or detoxing from alcohol or drugs.Read more

Online Recovery

Looking to change your alcohol or drug use? Find out about the free online recovery programme and that allows you to track your progress and manage your recovery wherever you are.Read more

Trial Abstinence

Ever thought about trying to go abstinent? Find out about how we can support you to make a drink or drug free life more rewarding than one with drink or drugs in it.Read more


Find out how we can help you get a medical prescription from your GP, to allow you to make changes to your life and get drug free.Read more

Groups & Workshops

Find out about the range of groups and workshops that can help you explore and achieve the changes you want to make to your alcohol or drug use.Read more

Family Support

If you are a parent or carer, find out how we can provide support for your family and children.Read more