Harm Reduction and The Return of Pubs

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It’s been over three months since the government ordered pubs to close but from the 4th of July they’ll be opening their doors once more. The experience will be very different to pre-Covid times; you’ll have to register when you arrive to help with contact tracing should an infection be traced back to the pub, packed bar areas will be replaced by table service and seating areas may well be separated by plastic screens.

If you and your mates are still going to be heading straight down the pub, follow this guide to keep yourselves safe and help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Avoid Sharing

Sharing drinks, snorting equipment, cigarettes and vapes will increase to risk of transmitting coronavirus (and in the case of snorting equipment, blood borne viruses like Hepatitis C) so keep all these things to yourself. Just because no one in your group has symptoms, it doesn’t mean that no one has the virus.

Start Low, Take It Slow

If you’ve been taking less drugs during lockdown your tolerance will have gone down. Start with a smaller amount than you usually would and take breaks between doses.  

If you take cocaine and drink alcohol at the same time they will combine to form Cocaethylene which is far more toxic that either drug on their own. This combination will also make it more likely you’ll have an ‘edgy’/anxious/aggressive high. The best option is to pick one substance and stick to it for the night.

Stay Hydrated

Consuming alcohol and other drugs will dehydrate you which is damaging to your internal organs and will make your hangover far worse the next day. To avoid this, alternate alcoholic drinks with water or squash and drink a pint of water before you go to bed. This is especially important if you’re spending the day in a hot, sunny beer garden.

Make Sure You Have a Safe Way of Getting Home

Don’t be tempted to drink and drive- opt for walking, a taxi or public transport instead. Check before you set off for the pub that your bus route will still be running at last orders. If you’re getting on a bus or in a taxi, remember you will need to wear a face covering (a medical mask is best but a bandana or scarf will do).

Follow Government Guidelines

The pubs have only been allowed to open because of the progress made against the virus over the past three months and will have to close again if it looks like there’s going to be a second peak of infections. Make sure you follow government guidelines around social distancing, hand hygiene and who you are allowed to meet from outside your household.

If you’re concerned about your use of alcohol or other drugs, or the use of a friend or family member, find out more information or contact us using the buttons below.

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