It’s that time of year again when Bristol welcomes its newest intake of students. Although this year’s Freshers Week is going to look a lot different to usual, students are going to be facing many of the same anxieties, pressures and new experiences of previous years. With everything going on at the moment, it’s more important than ever to look after yourself. We’ve put together this guide to help you look after your wellbeing during Fresher’s week and beyond.

Know your limits and stick to them

People arrive at university with all sorts of different experiences under their belts so don’t feel pressured to drink/take drugs/have sex just because other people in your flat are doing it. Eat well, stay hydrated and get plenty of sleep to keep yourself healthy and counteract any partying you may be doing.

Practice safe sex

Sleepovers (and one night stands) are banned in halls this year because of Covid which leaves only the people in your bubble/flat if you want to have sex. Sleeping with your flatmate can cause all sorts of issues so really think about whether is a good idea or not. If you decide to, make sure you have proper consent and use protection. Alternatively, avoid the drama and have a wank.

Look after your bubble

Some people take to university like a duck to water, others will find the transition really difficult. Check in with your flatmates and make sure they’re doing ok. If you’re feeling rubbish, speak to someone about it, you never know what good advice they may have.

Know where to get support

There is support available within the university and from external services for all sort of issues from mental health, drugs and alcohol through to housing and academic concerns. Familiarise yourself with what is out there so you know where to go if something happens.

Get involved

There is an almost endless list of clubs and societies to be a part of when you join a university. These can be really great places to try new things and make friends with people who you have common interests with. Try out anything you think sounds good but make sure you put a bit of time aside for some down time.

For information on where to access support, get in touch with your university's wellbeing service or The Drop using the buttons below.

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