Motion, one of the UK’s best music venues, has always welcomed BDP’s presence at events to help keep its clubbers safe.  After years of losing many amazing venues in Bristol to noise complaints from new residential developments, we are delighted that Motion has its future secured, thanks to a pioneering planning condition negotiated between the club and a nearby development. The so-called ‘deed of easement’ is an agreement that means Motion agrees not to exceed current sound levels and the developers inform new residents of the potential inconvenience of living near a music venue. This is the first time in the UK that such an agreement has been imposed as a planning condition.

At BDP we welcome this decision from Bristol City Council and would like to thank Councillor Nicola Beech for facilitating dialogue between all those involved. It is really promising to see Bristol City Council, venues and developers working together to find solutions that work for everybody. Bdp hopes that this ground-breaking decision sets a precedent for future developments near important cultural venues in Bristol and beyond; and we are looking forward to a time when Motion can reopen and Bdp can be back providing harm reduction advice and info at this iconic venue.