After a few weeks of disappointing weather, the end of this week is set to be a scorcher! If you’re heading down the harbourside or booking a table in your favourite sunny beer garden, follow this guide to minimise the damage to your body and brain.


You’ve probably been told this a million times, but make sure you eat something substantial before you go out drinking and if you’re out all day, don’t skip meals. It’ll make it less likely that you’ll go over you limit and will make your hangover less bad the next day (plus who doesn’t love a drunken kebab?).

Stay hydrated

Alcohol will dehydrate you so it’s important to drink water too. Ideally you should be alternating between alcoholic drinks and water.

Protect yourself from the sun

If you’re heading to the park/harbour/countryside for a drink, try to find a spot where you can get some shade. Use sun cream and bring it along with you so you can reapply if needs be.

Look after your mates

This goes without saying but if your friend is really drunk, don’t leave them on their own. Make sure they get home safely and don’t leave them with strangers. Bring some face masks out with you in case you end up needing to get in a taxi.

Practice safe sex

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and increases the likelihood of engaging in some kind of sexual activity. Carry condoms, dental dams or both (depending on your sexual preferences) to protect against STIs and pregnancy. Do not try and have sex with someone if you’re unsure whether they are too intoxicated to consent.

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