The Drop is a one stop shop for people who use party drugs (such as MDMA, cocaine, ketamine, cannabis and hallucinogenics) and event organisers in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

We do not promote drug use, nor do we feel that everyone must be abstinent. Our aim is simply to provide evidence-based information to party-goers so they can stay safe on a night out and to promote harm reduction at clubs, festivals and other events.

What we do

  • Harm reduction advice for people who use party drugs
  • 1 - 1 support for anyone who would like to gain some control over their drug use
  • Access to extra support and treatment options
  • Support for people concerned about the drug use of a friend or family member
  • Outreach services at events
  • Drug awareness training for staff (bar men/women, security staff etc) in venues

How to contact us

Through The Drop, you can access the full range of support offered by BDP.

Access support

To find out more about club drugs and how you can reduce the harm they cause, browse The Drop section of our website.

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