We can provide a range of support for people using Image & Performance Enhancing Drugs (IPEDs), such as steroids, as well as people using growth hormones, fat burners and tanning agents.

Did you know: There are 1 million steroid users in the UK.

For detailed online resources about IPEDs, including sample cycles and side effects, we recommend visiting IPED Info and Anabolic.

Needle Exchanges

We offer free sterile injecting equipment at confidential Needle Exchanges located throughout Bristol. This is open for anyone using IPEDs, including growth hormones, fat burners and tanning agents.


Safer Injecting

We can provide literature and safer injecting advice around the use of IPEDs. Whether you inject in your veins, muscles or under your skin, find out how you can reduce the risks.

Reduce the risks

Support for Steroid Users

If you feel that your steroid use has become problematic, you can access 1-to-1 support with our Brief Interventions team. You can access support by self-referral and by getting referred by your GP or other health/social worker.

Get supported

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