World Aids Day | Lets Talk Chemsex

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This week we hosted Let’s Talk Chemsex, an evening featuring panel talks and open discussions exploring how Bristol could be responding to the chemsex scene.

Ran by our Prism team (our LGBT+ targeted support service), the evening featured as part of a series of events promoted by Brigstowe in the lead up to today’s World Aids Day awareness event.

This Bristol-based unique event aimed to begin the conversation to find a community-wide response to issue around chemsex, encouraging people to feel empowered to respond bravely, compassionately and creatively.

The feedback from the event was really positive and we’re looking forward to building on these new relationships and continuing to compassionately and respectfully meet the needs of those engaging in chemsex.

– Lydia, BDP

The panel kicked off with each member sharing their views on some of the problems raised by chemsex and how they would like to see Bristol responding. Our panel consisted of Kate Rodman from Prism, Mark Stroud from Terrence Higgins Trust at Unity Sexual Health, Sister Ann Ticapation from the Order of Pereptual Indulgence and a community member speaking about his own experience of chemsex.

After hearing from the panel, we broke out into smaller groups to allow everyone the chance to share their experiences, thoughts and hopes for the future – looking at how communities, agencies and individuals across Bristol could respond to some of the challenges raised by chemsex.

With around 35 people attending, the conversations were varied and creative. From sexual health and HIV support agencies, through to club and bar owners, as well as individuals with lived experience of the chemsex scene, we were able to form and strengthen new professional relationships as well as look at creative grassroots responses.

If you would like to join in the conversation about chemsex, feel free reach out to us by emailing

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