Sophie, Choir Founder

We are still buzzing from singing at The Festival of Voice at The Millennium Centre in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago.

We sang on the Festival Hub Stage in the foyer of the beautiful Millennium Centre, and were joined by some amazing theatrical performers from Village Designs. The choir sang beautifully, so beautifully that even Charlotte Church was spotted stopping to listen to us!

Charlotte Church stopped to listen to us.

We also shared some stories on stage of how music has helped our recovery, mental health and wellbeing. We hope the audience was moved by what they heard, and that we spread a little bit of hope and positivity.

Afterwards we went for a meal together and then had free tickets to see another show in the festival that night - an amazing day that will stay in all of our memories for a long time.

The day was made possible by a generous donor to the choir – thank you from all of us!

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