Open Doors at BDP

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In one months time, we celebrate BDP’s 34th Birthday with a special Open Doors series of talks and exhibitions.

On March 10th 1986 BDP first opened its doors. 34 years later, we are celebrating our anniversary by opening our doors and inviting professionals, academics and partner organisations to a range of presentations and exhibitions exploring our work at BDP.

There will be the opportunity to attend up to three sessions throughout the morning – delving into the whys and hows behind a range of BDP services.

Afterwards, join us for our closing words and delicious free lunch, where our Rising Voices Recovery Choir will treat us to a performance and we will say thank you to our departing trustee of many years, John Prior.



Due to limited numbers, please register early to confirm your place. Registration closes midday Tuesday 3rd March.


NOTE: We wish to welcome a diverse selection of professional organisations and academics to attend. If we receive a disproportionate amount of registrations from any organisation, or unsuitable registrations, we will be in contact to find a resolution.

If you are not a member of a professional organisation or academic, you are welcome to attend our monthly Behind The Scenes.

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