Donated PPE allows BDP to support the most vulnerable

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New PPE Face Shields allows BDP outreach staff to continue to respond to potential overdoses and support our most vulnerable clients in Bristol

Each year BDP’s Assertive Engagement team respond to many unintentional overdoses, checking whether people can be roused and administering naloxone (which reverses opioid overdose) while paramedics arrive. We are delighted to have a supply of donated Face Shields to add to BDP’s PPE kit, allowing our staff to give naloxone safely to potential overdoses, particularly those people sleeping out on the street during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Face Shields have been made by students and staff at Cotham School who have donated thousands of face shields to the Bristol Royal Infirmary, GP Practices and Care Homes across Bristol and beyond.

As a school we have committed our equipment and time to make face shields for local NHS frontline workers. Cotham School, Bristol, have the materials arriving, the people willing and need to raise the funds to cover the costs.

– Cotham School

We would like to say a huge thank you to the staff and students at Cotham School for donating 15 Face Shields to BDP’s frontline staff. Your generosity allows us to continue to support some of the most vulnerable and at -risk people living in Bristol, particularly those still out on the streets.

– Rachel Ayres, BDP

If you work for a local frontline health or social care organisation, you can request Cotham School to produce Face Shields for your organisation via their online form.

Order Face Shields

Cotham School are continuing to raise money to purchase the raw materials to produce at least another 1000 face shields. To support their efforts please visit their GoFundMe page below.

Support Cotham School

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