Ask Your Pharmacist Week

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Discover Your Local Pharmacy

Ask Your Pharmacist Week is an annual awareness event organised by the National Pharmacy Association, to provide a platform for pharmacy activities and services across the UK. This year’s theme, ‘Discover Your Local Pharmacy’, is the perfect time for us to catch-up with members of our team who work in local pharmacies…

Our pharmacy outreach sees BDP’s Assertive Engagement team working one day a week in Southmead and Fishponds pharmacies, offering people direct care and services – including Needle Exchange, Blood Borne Virus testing, and the training and supply of Naloxone (to reverse the effects of opioid overdose).

“Having our pharmacy walk-ins at Lloyds in Southmead and Well Pharmacy in Fishponds has meant we have been able to reach service users who find it difficult to get to our Central Walk-In centre,” says BDP Engagement Manager, Emma Wells. “Pharmacies are great resources for local communities and now drug and alcohol support is part of these vital service.”

Being located in a local pharmacy means we get to share our knowledge and trends on specific drugs with the pharmacy staff. They then play a great part in promoting any of our new activities or services.

– Carmine, BDP pharmacy worker.

The partnership with Bristol-based pharmacies was launched almost a year ago as part of an ongoing project to allow BDP to have a bigger presence within established pharmacies. By working within communities on the outskirt of central Bristol, we have been building a stronger understanding of the needs of local communities.

When working in a pharmacy, I’ve been able to engage with people who didn’t know about the group support BDP offer and signpost them to our information sessions where they’ve then been offered a place in our Preparation for Recovery group.

– Mike, BDP pharmacy worker.

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