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Volunteer Q&A

We’re currently recruiting for Project Volunteers to work with us in the new year. During the countdown to our application deadline (on Friday 11th January 2019) we’re asking our current volunteers to share their experiences volunteering at BDP.

What do you enjoy about volunteering at BDP?

What I enjoy the most is interacting and building relationships with our service users and to know that I helped or made them feel better, even for a short period of time. But in all honesty I enjoy all parts of volunteering with BDP because my shift is different each weak, I learn something new each week  from my colleagues, from the service users and about myself. There are loads of different opportunities within this role and the staff are incredible!

What experiences have you gained as a volunteer?

As part of my role I work in the Needle Exchange giving out clean and safe injecting equipment to our services users (we also give out condoms and heath packs) and in the Health and Harm Reduction Centre where service users can come and have a chat with us for a number of reasons (getting referred to other services and groups, 1-to-1’s, a quick talk to brighten up their day and much more). I also do a shift on the helpline where we take calls from concerned family members, other health services, our service users and more. We can also get involved in club and festival outreach, the outreach truck, workshops and so much more! I’ve worked at the Islamic Cultural Fayre and the Recovery Festival.

What would you say to someone thinking about applying to volunteer?

Go for it! I haven’t looked back! It’s a great place to volunteer and it really opens your eyes. I’m always learning and gaining new skills. The training is brilliant and it will give you so many opportunities to do more. Believe me when I say I enjoy every minute of it and as I volunteer every Friday, Friday is my favourite day of the week!

To find out more about the volunteer role and to apply please click below.

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