"Snow is an inconvenience for the majority of us as it stops us from doing what we would usually do, but for people who are vulnerable and homeless it can be deadly", says Emma, our Engagement Service Manager. "Last week's storm could have been catastrophic for our homeless service users, but with some inspiring acts from amazing people kept the community safe and warm."

"With the help of our dedicated staff, we managed to keep the doors of our Health & Harm Reduction Centre open to enable people to access a warm space, a hot drink and our needle exchange services. We also worked with St. Mungo’s at The Compass Centre last Friday to ensure they were able to open their doors to the homeless community."

Some highlights of amazing acts include:

  • A pharmacist in South Bristol sleeping in their pharmacy overnight to make sure it could open the next day
  • A worker walking 8 miles in the snow to health centres so they could see their service users.
  • A worker serving 60 roast dinners to the homeless community
  • GPs reissuing prescriptions to people whose pharmacies closed
  • A volunteer coming in to drop off emergency blankets and supplies of food

"It is heart warming to see how much people care for our most vulnerable service users, so this is a thank you to everyone that helped, donated or went above and beyond."