Stop Adult Abuse Week is a local initiative that started when a number of Local Safeguarding Adult Board Communications Groups in the South West decided to join together to run a week to focus attention on Safeguarding.

This Thursday, Stop Adult Abuse Week is raising awareness of Cuckooing.

What is 'Cuckooing'?

Cuckooing is a crime where drug dealers will take over the home of a vulnerable person, using force or coercion, in order to use it as a base for storing or selling illicit drugs.

Drug dealers are selective about who they target, often preying upon isolated and vulnerable people with a drug addiction who are living alone. The victim can be coerced into letting the drug dealers in by being offered 'free' drugs. Once control is gained, gangs will move in and takeover the property and lives of the victim, with risk of violence and sexual exploitation.

There’s no such thing as free drugs.

Do you feel trapped in your own home?

Drug dealers are exploiting people in Bristol and taking over their homes. If you feel unsafe speak to us at BDP. We have already helped people take back control. Call us 0117 987 6000. Let’s find a way out together.

Working alongside service-users, BDP have launched a localised campaign to raise awareness of the risks of being 'cuckooed' and provide people with an opportunity to come forward and seek support.

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