BDP has been praised as an example of ‘good practice’ for the way we respond to the needs of people using New Psychoactive Substances.

A joint inspection by HM Inspectorate of Probation and the Care Quality Commission features BDP and Bristol’s Community Rehabilitation Company (operated by Working Links) as a positive example of "close working between probation and substance misuse services".

Titled 'New Psychoactive Substances: the response by probation and substance misuse services in the community in England', the inspection was undertaken to identify good probation practice in tackling New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) use, such as Spice, given reports of rising concerns about its use among offenders.

The report makes it clear that NPS use is still relatively limited compared to the problematic use of alcohol and drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

NPS are used largely by the homeless community and by other vulnerable people, including those who offend.

The case study looks at a service user who was referred from hospital to BDP for a brief intervention around his Spice use, having started using it in prison.

The BDP keyworker spoke to Peter’s CRC responsible officer after every appointment. She could see that the responsible officer had a good relationship with Peter, and on occasion if he turned up in an aggressive mood, she would direct him to see his responsible officer and return when he was calmer, which he did.

With the collaborative support of his BDP keyworker and CRC officer, the service user successfully detoxed from Spice and was offered a place on our relapse prevention programme.

The BDP keyworker was quoted as saying that success was partly due to "really good interagency working" between BDP and the CRC officer, who they praised for going "the extra mile" in supporting the service user’s treatment.

His BDP keyworker has since said that the service user "looked like a different person".

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