After running this year's London Marathon to support children in Bristol affected by their family members’ drug or alcohol use, local MP Thangam Debboniare visited our Youth Groups to meet the children who will benefiting from the £5,134.75 she's helped raise.

The children gave a raucous welcome to Thangam who spent nearly two hours joining in with their activities. They proudly showed off the cards and banners they had made for her in thanks and recognition of running the marathon. Thangam was also impressed by the colourful polling box and voting slips the young people had created to learn more about her role as an MP and vote for this year's summer activity.

Raising money for BDP's Youth Groups was a great honour. For children living with parents who have problematic drug and alcohol use, I can see that these groups mean a lot. Thank you for welcoming me into the group. I was also very impressed with the brilliant staff and volunteers. Their care is helping children build confidence through having fun. And it's not just a good thing for the children - I understand the wider families also benefit from this support.

- Thangam Debboniare 

The children also got the opportunity to ask questions about her running preparation, the marathon itself and how far and fast she ran as well as a few questions that stumped her, including what position she came in the 40,000 runners! They then invited her to join them in their ‘mad scientist session’ culminating in the successful creation of a vivid array of colourful slime.