A time to come together to honour & remember our loved ones.

Last Saturday, families and friends from across Bristol and the South West came together for a unique memorial, remembering and celebrating the lives of loved-ones lost as the result of alcohol and other drugs.

'A Celebration of Life' is annual memorial organised by Bereavement Through Addiction (BTA) a support network launched by two parents, Joan and Paul, who lost a child as the result of addiction in 2008.

If someone dies from cancer or an accident, whole families and friends are offered counselling and support. We had nothing and felt ostracised in our community. Some people suggested 'aren't you relieved it is all over.' In fact we would gladly have the chaos and pain back, to have him alive and still have hope of his recovery.

The event, run in partnership with Bristol Drugs Project and a range of dedicated individuals, was held at Bristol's oldest building St James Priory. The service was led by Reverend Richard Pendlebury, and featured a range of readings and performances, including songs by the Gasworks Singers and Rising Voices Bristol’s Recovery Choir.

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