This week we held the first in a new series of Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training for drug and alcohol leads working across Jobcentres in Bristol.

Part of a greater partnership working between Bristol ROADS and the Department for Work and Pensions, the day-long workshop was held to support staff in Jobcentres who are supporting those with problematic use of alcohol and other drugs.

Problematic substance use impacts on people and their ability to engage with and get the maximum benefit from services. It can also impact negatively on relationships, families, communities and wider society. An understanding of substances and substance use issues will equip our Complex Needs Lead Officers and Work Coaches to firstly understand, and secondly, support people with the complex nature of substance use and its effects.

- Michael Warner, Partnership Manager at DWP

The workshop follows the recent introduction of Universal Credit in Bristol in June, which is being gradually introduced across the city. Universal Credit is the name of the new nationwide benefit system introduced as part of the government’s welfare reforms.

Led by BDP’s Universal Credit lead, the workshop was delivered alongside Bristol ROADS partners DHI and ARA.

Find out more about Universal Credit and when it will affect you or your clients.

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