This Wednesday is Bristol Giving Day, an annual event hosted by Quartet Community Foundation, helping to raise awareness and funds for small charities working across Bristol. We're pleased to have been selected to be one of those charities.

90% of all charity donations in this country go to the 7% largest charities – we don’t think that’s fair. We’ve created Bristol Giving Day so that people like you who care can have fun and raise money to support our small local causes.

 - Sue Turner, Quarter Community Foundation

By taking part in Bristol Giving Day's Bridges Challenge you can help raise money for BDP and other small charities. Members of the public are invited to run, walk, cycle or wheel across selected routes around Bristol, donating £1+ for each bridge they cross; passing over a maximum of 45 local bridges, each assigned to one of 45 local charities.

BDP has been assigned Sparks Evans Footbridge near Arnos Vale Cemetery, part in the Feeder Canal Route or the full 45 Bridge Route. You can can make a donation towards Bristol Giving Day until the end of October.

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