Volunteer Q&A

We're currently recruiting for Project Volunteers to work with us in the new year. During the countdown to our application deadline (on Friday 11th January 2019) we're asking our current volunteers to share their experiences volunteering at BDP

What do you enjoy about volunteering at BDP?

Josh Torrance

I enjoy helping the people I see on the streets every day. I enjoy seeing them when they are on the up, and giving them a helping hand when they aren’t.

What experiences have you gained as a volunteer?

I volunteer once a week (2pm-8pm) in the needle exchange. I distribute thousands of needles to people in desperate need of clean injection equipment. I also help out at PRISM’s drop-in, which is an LGBT-specific service in Old Market. In addition to this, I sometimes do outreach at events, which means I get free tickets to all the big Bristol festivals and some club nights. I have found my time at BDP eye-opening, educational and overall one of the most fulfilling things I have done so far.

What would you say to someone thinking about applying to volunteer?

Do it. Make sure you have got your work situation figured out to run smoothly alongside giving up one morning or evening per week.

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