Are you 19 or under?

Whether you're using alcohol or drugs yourself, or you're being affected by someone else's use, we can provide you with free and confidential support.

Advice for young people

The internet is packed with places offering misleading or ill-informed advice and information on alcohol and drugs. To help you separate fact from the fiction, we've made a list of useful websites, blogs, apps, videos and other support services.

If you use our services you can also find out how to provide us with feedback or make a complaint.

Find resources

Looking for support for a child or young person?

If you are a parent, carer or family member, or you work with young people in education, health, social or youth services, find out what support we can offer young people.

Support for young people using alcohol or drugs

In partnership with Creative Youth Network, our BDP Youth Work team work across Bristol in schools, colleges, training academies, alternative learning provisions and other youth services to provide support and advice to children who are using alcohol or drug. Find out about our 1-to-1 sessions and group workshops that can help young people deal with problems early, before these can get in the way of them achieving their potential.

Support your child

Support for young people affected by a family member's alcohol or drug use

We have a range of support available for young people who are affected by a parent or other family member's alcohol or drug use. Find out about support offered by our Children Affected By Substances (CABS) service and our youth groups.

Support your child