BDP is Supporting Loneliness Week!

We know the importance of social contact and this being crucial for people to thrive. This last year has been tough for everyone, we have all missed people and no more so than the 50+ Crowd, our social support group for older substance users.

Alcohol and other drug use when older is isolating in its self and being away from the weekly gatherings at BDP take away for many their only social contact.  We were able to call people, do home/garden visits and as soon as restrictions allowed launch invited small and larger groups to held in safe spaces at BDP.

This has made a real difference to people’s wellbeing, as those who attend tell us…

It has been nice seeing other people

I know it takes a lot of organising to get the groups running, thank you

Today I celebrate 11 years without alcohol and 9 years without smoking ‘nuffink’ thanks BDP for all your help and support

Life saver

Thank you for the group this afternoon so good to be able to catch up with the old possums

Find Out More

To find out more about Loneliness week hosted by the Marmalade Trust including ways of finding support and getting involved visit their website below or join in the conversation on social media with the hashtag #LetsTalkLoneliness.