Reverse Overdosing

Overdosing on opiate drugs remains a major cause of death among injecting drug users in Britain.

We can supply free naloxone – a lifesaving drug which temporarily reverses the effects of an opioid overdose from drugs such as heroin, methadone and morphine. It can be used to help buy time and keep the casualty alive until the ambulance arrives.

Naloxone kits and training can be given to anyone who is using or has previously used opiates (illicit or prescribed) and is at potential risk of overdose, and to family members, friends, carers and professionals likely to be able to respond to opioid overdose.

At our Health & Harm Reduction Centre, we can supply you with take-home naloxone kits (Prenoxad® Injection pre-filled syringe) and training to help you recognise opioid overdose and use naloxone in an emergency. This training for the public only takes five to ten minutes.

If you work at a location where you could respond to opioid overdose, please sign up to our free naloxone training.


For more information visit Prenoxad® Injection.