Your Local GP

If you have any other health problems or questions, your first point of contact should often be your doctor. If you don’t know where your GP is, or you are not registered, you can search for your nearest GP and get in contact with them directly.

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You can also visit NHS Bristol to find out what other health service are available to you.

Urgent Care

If you need urgent medical help or advice, you can call the NHS helpline for free on 111. They are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can also call them if your GP is closed. They may arrange for you to attend your nearest out-of-hours service.

If it is an emergency or a life-threatening situation, you should always call 999.

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Out-of-Hours Support

If you live in Bristol and need help with a personal, family or accommodation problems which have reached a crisis, you can contact Bristol’s Emergency Duty Team who provide services at nights, weekends and on bank holidays.

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Mental Health

Vita Health is a free and confidential service for anyone registered with a Bristol GP. You can contact them yourself, or ask you GP or other professional to make a referral.

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Specialist Services

Homeless Health

Bristol’s Homeless Health Service provides a wide range of free and confidential healthcare services for homeless people. Their services run in numerous location across Bristol.

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Complex Health

ACE (Assertive Contact and Engagement) is Bristol’s free service for people who face complex barriers to accessing health services, including due to chaotic lifestyles. They provide a variety of services, tailored to meet your needs.

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Sex Workers’ Health

One25 is Bristol’s charity supporting female sex-workers and for those who are building new lives away from the sex-work. They provide a variety of health services including a drop-in and outreach service.

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