Bristol Event Launches New Low Dead Space Materials

New materials promoting Low Dead Space equipment which include posters, a booklet and an animation co-designed by service users from Bristol Drugs Project were launched at a very special event last week.

Low Dead Space equipment has been designed to minimise the amount of space between the needle and the plunger after injecting especially when compared to the traditional injecting equipment currently supplied by needle exchanges who use detachable needs.  This is important as blood and drugs can remain in this space increasing the risk of spreading blood borne viruses including HIV and Hepatitis C as more blood could be left in the equipment. 

As well as an opportunity to see the new materials in a special exhibition there were talks from people who helped make the project a reality.  Up first was Andrew Preston from Exchange Supplies who spoke about how the equipment was developed and the underpinning scientific evidence.  

Deborah Hussey from Bristol Drugs Project who on secondment with CLAHRC West helped develop the materials with service users spoke next.  Deborah spoke about her visits to needle exchanges around the country and how service users were selected for the project. Two service users from BDP then described their passion and involvement with the project and for many this was considered a highlight.

Michael Linnell, a graphic designer who specialises in producing harm reduction materials and who turned the ideas into reality was the last to speak.  He reflected on the project and the way he worked with the service users to help them take ownership of the final result.

The talks were concluded with the premier of the animation which brings all the materials together.

Following the event this Tweet from James Nobles sum’s up this very special event.

Talking about the project Deborah Hussey said:

As an Assertive Engagement Worker at Bristol Drugs Project, my day job is to help out the person in front of me. But this project has allowed me to help people who inject drugs at a population level, expanding the scope of my passion for harm reduction considerably. It’s been an honour to represent Bristol Drugs Project in this collaboration with CLAHRC West. To see the service users who worked with us on the project talk about their experience was the highlight of the event for me.

The materials are available to order now from the Exchange Supplies website.

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