Wash sites and hands before injecting. Use pre injecting swabs if water is not available

Lay equipment out on a clean stable surface

Use a clean needle for each injection

Use the correct size needle for each site

Never share ANY equipment – sharing puts you at risk of blood borne viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis C

Rotate your sites

Learn how to inject yourself properly, don’t rely on others

If injecting a new powder for the first time only inject a small amount  to test the strength and effect (better to inject too little than too much if it is not the desired effect)

Seek medical advice straight away if you are concerned about any injecting sites, look out for lumps, bumps, swelling, painful or redness these all could be a sign of infection and lead to complications if ignored

Avoid injecting any tablets

Do not use in the bath, serious danger of drowning

Injecting whilst pregnant may seriously harm your unborn child

Ask for advice at your local needle exchange