Have you recently stopped using alcohol or drugs, but are worried about relapsing?
Don’t worry - we are here to support you to remain alcohol or drug free.

Relapse Prevention

You have already come a long way by ending your problematic substance use, but remaining alcohol or drug free can be hard work. Through 1-to-1 and group work sessions, we aim to give you the motivation and skills to maintain those changes.

It is important to remember that relapsing is normal and a natural part of going through change, with most people experiencing relapsing.  The real risk of relapsing is that it can undermine your confidence, making you feel discouraged. In order to learn how to avoid it in the future, it is important to recognise how and why it happens.

We will work constructively with lapses, if they happen, looking at the build-up to them and any risks that could be avoided next time.

Relapse Prevention is based on the belief that we are all able to control and make choices about our behaviour and that with motivation and support we can change our behaviour.

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