If you are aged 50 or older, with current or recent problematic alcohol or drug use, or are abstinent and in need of additional support, we are here to help. You can find support for you through a range of our services for adults, or go to our dedicated 50+ walk-in service.

19% of adults using our services are over 50 years-old.

50+ Social Group

The 50+ Crowd is a weekly social group for people aged over 50 with past or current problematic alcohol or drug use, to meet and talk to people of a similar age in relaxed and informal atmosphere. You can also ask to speak to staff 1-to-1, to discuss anything confidentially and refer yourself onto a range of services we offer.

Wednesday 4:30 - 6:30pm at Brunswick Court.

My confidence stated growing just by being around people of my age and them listening to me

Pioneering Service & Legacy

We are dedicated in ensuring that our services are engaging and relevant for older people to access.

We launched the 50+ Crowd in 2009, as the only drug and alcohol service in the UK specifically targeting the needs of older people. Since it's launch it has grown from strength-to-strength and has been praised as a national example of how to support older people in a report published by Drug Scope and The Recovery Partnership: 'It’s About Time - Tackling Substance Misuse in Older People'.

In 2013, we were awarded funding from the Department of Health’s Innovation Excellence and Strategic Development Fund (IESD) to launch the pioneering Older People's Service (2013 - 2016). Since then we've used the skills and knowledge gained from this three year project to ensure all our adults services are providing people over 50 with high quality support.

More recently we have been training people over 50, who have past or present problematic substance use, to become our 50+ Support Champions. Funded by Bristol Ageing Better (BAB), our Champions have been building a network of support available across our services.

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