Last week we hosted our final training event for Bristol Ageing Better and their partner organisations who provide support or services for the elderly.

The older population is changing and those who have substance use as part of their life histories need to feel more welcome and included in to services and activities available for them.

At our training event, organisations were invited to meet our older service users, and find out how what matters to them and use their knowledge and experience to help them be included in services.

Your Feedback

Here is some of the feedback from our training:

I will change my own understand and perceptive and try and influence others where I can.

All of the training was great, really informative and inspiring.

Never give up on anyone – motivation helps.

To remember that everyone’s journey is unique and not make assumptions. To focus more on each individual, rather than an issue of assumption.

Ensuring communications are accessible and actively inclusive of everyone – including those with a history of substance use.

We all need to be part of bridging the barriers, breaking the stigma and seeing people as human.

Everyone’s journey with substance misuse is different and the most important thing for people is having a non-judgmental space.

If you're interested in further training for you or your organisation, find out how we can work together or discover our upcoming events at BDP.

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