The aim of group work is to help you move away from your relationship with alcohol or drugs, towards more positive and rewarding connections with each other.  Groups are friendly, safe, supportive and non-judgemental environments where everyone is encouraged to join in.

Groups aim to give you a greater understanding of your substance use, its causes and effects - exploring the changes you want to make and helping you identify the best ways of achieving them. We focus on the idea of ‘making changes’ as a process over time, rather than a single event.

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Alcohol and Drugs

Preparation for Recovery

If you’re new to group work, or need extra support, our Preparation for Recovery group could be the perfect start for you.

We introduce you to the idea of being in a group and teach you group work skills and self-awareness which will help you get the most out of therapeutic group work.

Our aim is to improve your belief in your ability to make (and maintain) positive changes in your life.

Recovery Day Programme

Recovery Day Programme (RDP) provides a supportive community, where we will focus on making changes to thinking patterns and behaviours that are obstructing your pathway into recovery.

Groups also focus on your holistic needs, offering you the opportunity to explore a range of topics from life skills, such as budgeting and nutrition, to mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

RDP is a six week long programme, if you are eligible you can sign up to either a three or four days-per-week programme, providing you with structure and a healthy lifestyle balance.


Controlled Drinking Workshops

Our Controlled Drinking Workshops are aimed at encouraging and supporting you to help make changes to your alcohol use to result in moderate, safer drinking. These workshops are not designed for dependent drinkers.

The process of changing habits and behaviours is difficult. Controlled Drinking Workshops will provide you with the focus and new skills needed to help you make sense of the pattern and nature of you alcohol use.

The workshop runs for four sessions, where you will be offered opportunities to share your experience and reflections with other members, providing advice and practical guidance to encourage positive changes.

Other drugs

If you're looking to take control of substances other than alcohol, opiates and crack-cocaine, you can attend POD Sessions. POD is our free, open-access and informal group workshop, where you can get practical advice to reduce the harm drugs can cause you and help you meet the goals you set.

To check whether POD can provide support for your drug, you can call our Brief Interventions team on 0117 987 6010.

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