Employment Policies

Cycle to Work Salary Sacrifice Policy P051 2_0Download
Expenses Policy and Procedure P013 4_1Download
Staff Absence
BDP Sickness Absence Policy P040 3_0Download
Extended Leave Sabbatical Policy P321 4_0Download
Time off in Lieu (TOIL) P046 3_0Download
Probationary Period
Probationary Period Policy P028 14_0Download
Employment Protection
Employment Protection Policy P011 2_0Download
Staff Conduct Capability and Disability Procedure P165 6_0Download
Staff Performance Improvement Plan from P165 6_0Download
Employers Liability
Employers Liability Certificate – BDP – 2014Download
Training – Access and Resources Policy P047 3_0Download
Key Policies Procedures Check List F154 3.1Download
Job Share
Job Share Policy P022 2_0Download
Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest Policy P080 2_0Download
Maternity & Paternity Leave
BDP Combined Paternal Leave Policy P304 3_0Download
Staff Mobility Policy P151 5_0Download
Safe Recruitment
Safe Recruitment Policy and Procedure P284 3_0Download
Standard Enhanced Privacy PolicyDownload
Criminal Records and Disclosure and Barring Service Statement of Practice P205 7_OLPEDownload
Disclosure and Barring Service Check form updatedDownload
Supervision (staff) P043 4_0Download