Bristol Youth Links

Our Bristol Youth Links (BYL) team provide free and confidential support around alcohol and drugs for children and young people aged 9 - 19 years old* throughout Bristol.

We offer 1-to-1 sessions for young people who use alcohol or drugs. At our 1-to-1s they will meet a BYL worker who will support them around their alcohol or drug use by focusing on their individual risks. Sessions are completed in 6 sessions or less.

We also offer group workshops. This could be where a group of young people are identified as being vulnerable to the effects of alcohol or drugs, or as part of a risk-taking project.

Accessing support

BYL can be accessed at schools, colleges, training academies, alternative learning provisions and other youth services across Bristol. We can also work flexibly and meet young people in alternative community settings. If they attend college or school outside of Bristol or have left education we can meet them in different venues.

Find a selection of some of the places we can offer support in our BYL Map below.

You can contact our Bristol Youth Links team on 0117 987 6008.

*Up to 25 years old where there are Learning Difficulties and Disabilities

Complex needs

If a young person has multiple or complex health or social needs, such as mental health needs, they should receive support through the Young People's Substance Misuse Treatment Service. They are part of the NHS’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Find out more about how CAMHS supports young people.

Support for young people affected by a family member's alcohol or drugs use

Our BYL team also run a service supporting Children Affected By Substances (CABS). If you use alcohol or drugs problematically, find out how we can help you support your child.

Support your child

Support for family and friends

If you have a family member or friend who has an alcohol or drug problem, or you're worried about their use escalating and becoming problematic, there are lots of dedicated services who can offer you support.

Support yourself