Teenagers from schools in Bristol have been spending their summer holiday fundraising for BDP as part of the voluntary National Citizen Service social development programme for 15 to 17 year olds.

Through the NCS summer programme, children in secondary education are invited to take part in 'social action', working in a team with other young people to devise a community project based on a local issue they feel passionate about.

We have been fortunate to be chosen for several fundraising projects across the summer. Earlier this summer, a group of teenagers began raising funds for our Youth Groups which support children affected by family members use of alcohol or other drugs. Through a series of cake sales at The Galleries and online fundraising, the team raised over £500.

Money is of course always important to us, as our work supporting children and young people whose Mum’s, Dad’s or siblings’ drug or alcohol use is problematic is 100% charitably funded year on year and the money raised will help to keep our Youth Groups for 5-10 year olds and 11- 16 year olds running.

However, what is more valuable for BDP is the interest that the NCS team showed in this important issue. If you are a young person in this situation then it is often a very lonely place to be, where you are unlikely to talk about it because of concerns about what might happen to your family; and where you don’t do the usual things like inviting friends to your home.  Our Youth Groups create a safe & fun space away from those family pressures, where young people with a shared experience don’t have to conceal or pretend all is well at home and can have some enjoyable time together.

I have no doubt that this group of young people’s involvement in highlighting this issue will make life easier for some young people whose family members are struggling with drugs or alcohol.

- Maggie Telfer, BDP CEO

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