This week saw harm reduction organisation The Loop and drug-policy institute Volteface release a report proposing new plans for reducing drug-related harm in the UK's night time economy, helping to protect people across the UK who go out and enjoy the club and festival scenes.

The UK’s night time economy is failing to protect its most valuable asset: the people who go out and enjoy it.

The report titled Night Lives, is a joint project by The Loop, Voltface, Durham University and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform. Aimed at stakeholders including the night time industry, local authorities, police forces and public health, the report examines the political, legal and cultural barriers which have prevented innovative and effective harm-reduction initiatives from being delivered in night time environments.

To address the increasing harms from club drug use, Night Lives advocates for the adoption of a set of "bold yet practical initiatives" across our towns and cities:

  • Drug safety testing services available to the general public in night life districts;
  • An independent information campaign on reducing drug-related harm;
  • Training for night life staff in how to respond effectively to drug use in the NTE;
  • The adoption of the UK festival drug policy of ‘3Ps: Prevent, Pursue, Protect’ in licensed venues.

At BDP, we have been working in partnership with clubs and festivals across Bristol, to provide free and confidential support and harm reduction messages and resources to the people of Bristol. We welcome the Night Lives report which has the opportunity to add a new dimension of harm reduction focused findings and messages across the UK and continues to put protecting people at the centre of the cause.

To find out more about The Loop and their new crowd funding campaign to help support the funding of five regional hubs delivering drug safety testing across the UK, click here.