On Tuesday evening, BDP's Rising Voices Recovery Choir performed at the launch of Frequently Asked Questions, a new exhibition uncovering the shocking and poignant challenge faced by those asking this one simple question...

If you were homeless, where would you go for help?

At the heart of Frequently Asked Questions is the enquiry into a homeless person’s rights. Hosted at the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, the exhibition is produced by artist Anthony Luvera and written by Gerald Mclaverty.

Frequently Asked Questions is the culmination of five years research by Gerald Mclaverty, who contacted local authorities across the UK to ask how he could access basic living provisions such as shelter, safety, healthcare and food.

Produced in association with Museum of Homelessness, the exhibition aims to give a picture of how services both help and hinder the estimated 320,000 people who are homeless in Britain, offering an insight into the challenges and realities faced by the most marginalised individuals as they attempt to access systems of care.

Attend Exhibition

The exhibition is open 10am-5pm daily from 27th November to 12th December 2019.