On Friday, BDP CEO Maggie Telfer attended the first in a series of masterclasses run by Design Council to help tackle public health challenges including the rate of MRSA among people injecting drugs in Bristol.

I left feeling excited about what the programme will offer and how this way of working could be applied to a much larger range of 'wicked problems'.

Design Council is independent charity that has been working in partnership with the Local Government Association with a shared vision to grow the public sector’s capacity to deliver efficient and effective public services, which improve people’s lives.

As a key healthcare provider in the South West, BDP was invited to take part in their Design in the Public Sector programme, a series of masterclasses and workshops aiming to help local governments and partner organisations use design processes and methods to tackle public health challenges with a focus on prevention.

It was a really engaging and thought provoking introduction to the programme and first opportunity to meet the six other Local Authority teams from the South Region involved. We worked on issues from air quality, to commissioning Voluntary and Community Sector services and of course Bristol's challenge to reduce the incidence of MRSA bloodstream infections in people who inject drugs.