Last week was Bristol Pride and we joined in the celebration as welfare partners of Pride Day on Saturday.

Our Prism outreach team were loud and proud helping to raise awareness of our dedicated LGBT+ alcohol and drug support serviceAt Prism, we believe that the better understanding you have of the pleasures and risks associated with alcohol and other drugs, the more you are able to make informed decisions.

We began the day joining in the Pride Parade in central Bristol where were joined by staff, volunteers and service users from across BDP services. We then made our way to the new festival site at The Down, where our Prism outreach team provided harm reduction advice and resources, as well as a place away from the crowds where for people to sit if it was getting a bit too much.

The march was fabulous and the day time engagement at the new Downs site was brilliant.

- Maggie Telfer, BDP CEO

As usual, our team put in a lot of effort to stand-out from crowd and get in the festival spirit with a range of activities and give-aways to attract people to find out more about the work we do. This year we continued the distribution of our new reusable water bottles to help you keep hydrated. We also continued collecting results for 2019's festival survey which will continue to help us find out about the shape of drug use in Bristol.

Bristol Pride 2019

Prism, our LGBT+ Alcohol & Drug Support service, was launched in 2016 and has been providing dedicated support ever since - helping to ignite the conversation around drug use in LGBT+ communities.