At our Health & Harm Reduction Centre we've been providing people who inject drugs with our take-away wound care packs - giving those at risk of infection from ulcers the means to clean and cover new wounds until they can get a healthcare professional to dress it correctly.

Now, thanks to Exchange Supplies, our DIY packs are available across the UK. Inspired by our packs, Exchange Supplies set out produce their own cost-effective packs to help other healthcare organisations support people who are at risk of infection.

Originally designed by Bristol Drugs Project as a first aid intervention for their drug service and NSP workers to give to clients as an interim measure to reduce the risk of further damage while they seek specialist assessment and treatment from the wound care nurse.

By having a pack to hand to give to people, services are able to demonstrate that they take this issue of soft tissue infections seriously, add weight to their referral to specialist services, and take immediate steps to reduce the pain suffering, and expense of this common complication of long-term injecting.

- Exchange Supplies

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