The 50+ Crowd has been awarded a grant to help improve digital skills and access for members of the group. The 50+ Crowd is BDP’s specific support group for people aged 50 and over.

Access to digital support is becoming more and more important as services move towards providing more materials online; the pandemic has only accelerated this making it more important than ever for people to have the skills and tools to connect with support online. Older people have been particularly affected as they are both more at risk from COVID 19 but also, as a demographic, have less access to digital and online services.

With help from Bristol Support Hub, we have successfully applied for a grant from Bristol Older Peoples Forum to improve people who BDP supports' access to digital services. The grant we have been awarded will enable us to purchase a pair of smart tablets along with providing digital skills training to members of the group through a 6-week training course.

We would like to say a big thank you to Bristol Older Peoples Forum for awarding us the grant and we can’t wait to get started with the program and get members of the 50+ Crowd connected online.

Bristol Support Hub

Bristol Support Hub is a collaborative effort by many different organisations and charities in Bristol focussed on supporting older people. Bristol support hub was set up in direct response to the pandemic. The support hub has a helpline and can provide practical support, emotional wellbeing support and advice.

Helpline number - 01179297537

The 50+ Crowd 

The 50+ Crowd is BDP's support group for those over 50 years old. Find out more about the 50+ Crowd here

Telephone - 0117 987 6009

Email - [email protected]