How Should Bristol Respond To Chemsex?

Join us for an evening of live talks and open discussions as we get to grips with how Bristol, as a community, could be responding to the chemsex scene.

This unique event aims to find a community-wide response to issue around chemsex, encouraging people to feel empowered to respond bravely, compassionately and creatively.

The evening kick-off with four short talks from our panel; featuring people with personal experience of chemsex, LGBT activism, drugs support and sexual health support.

We then break off into smaller groups, giving everyone the chance to share their experiences, thoughts and hopes for the future.

All are welcome - whether you have personal experience, work as a professional with those affected or simply care about your community.

Doors open from 6pm

Hosted by Prism, our LGBT+ Alcohol & Drug Support team, as part of Brigstowe's Worlds AIDS Day program of events: 17th November - 2nd December.

Featuring contributions by members of Unity Sexual Health and The Order of Perpetual Indulgence.

What is Prism?

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